Digital Marketing has totally transformed the marketing world. It has served companies with an equal opportunity for their product or service at a global level. The success of companies depends on what sort of digital marketing strategies they are implementing for their product or services. Meanwhile, digital marketing has affected consumer behavior also during this period.

Customer is king

Apparently, this saying has been a mantra for success in the marketing world for several years. Therefore, how customer behavior has been affected by the evolution of digital marketing, is a big question to consider.

Consumer Behaviour is the analysis of how people decide about what they purchase, want, need, or act in regards to a product or service. Understanding consumer behavior is important because it helps to know how potential customers respond to a new product or service.

Digital Marketing Affects Consumer Behaviors A Lot !!

Following are how digital marketing affects consumer behavior:

Setting Benchmarks

We are living in a world where access to the internet has become very feasible. Now, consumers do not dependent on a single source for being acquainted with the product.

Firstly, it has provided customers to have a more transparent relationship with the companies’ certain services or products.

Secondly, digital marketing has provided access to the comparison of a single product with different competitors. It helps consumers to decide which product will be best for them as per their need and budget.

Therefore, companies have to prepare a strategy that would help them to maintain a good presence in the marketing world.

Word Of Mouth

Word of Mouth approach has always been on the top of the list that affects consumers’ behaviors. It means when a consumer of a product shares their experience with friends, family, or social media.

Earlier, the dimension of word of mouth was restricted to friends and family, which use to form an opinion about a product or service for an individual.

Now in the digital world, it has widened the dimensions. With the introduction of things such as reviews from bloggers, comments and likes on a post, customers’ reviews, etc. The company’s reputation gets hugely affected by consumers’ communication with other consumers.

Loyalty Is Difficult To Achieve

The concept of loyalty is not any more rigid as it uses to be earlier. Customers are exposed to numerous product and services, which lead them to switch between companies easily.

Customers are inclined towards the product which gives quality for money, good offers, and good customer services in every aspect.

Companies should understand that for having a consistent customer there are crucial needs to provide services consistently as per customers’ needs.

The Gain In Customer Engagement

There has been a tremendous rise in the number of customer engagements, thanks to social networking sites and consumer forums.

A customer always had the power of building or destroying a brand reputation, this power has seen a boost due to digital marketing.

For instance, consumer writes a product review which is accessible to other customers as well and that review could help or hamper the product image.

Artificial Intelligence

Efficiency and feasibility are the key components in the digital marketing era. Artificial intelligence is expected to have an exceptional impact on consumer behavior.

AI for consumer behaviour

Customers are switching towards digital marketing and are preferring those companies which provide feasible and efficient services. For maintaining relations with customers and provide assistance, companies use artificial intelligence as per their needs.

For instance, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa making it useful to do easily search with the help of voice. answering user’s queries etc. Automized chat option is available on e-commerce websites to provide assistance to customers 24*7.

Impulsive Buying

Impulsive purchase is when the customer makes the choice of purchasing a moment before the actual purchase. Customers may have pre-planned it like days, months, or years ago. In other, it is a purchase without giving a lot of thought before buying.

showing how impulsive buying effects consumer behaviour.

In digital marketing, impulsive buying is a very common phenomenon. Customers come across an advertisement for a product or service consistently on various social media platforms and coming across some attractive deals such as sales, exchange offers, buy one get one free, etc, make a customer make a purchase without giving a lot of thoughts.


In the modern world, there are multiple factors that affect consumer behavior, and digital marketing is one of them.

Digital marketing has become one of the most efficient approaches used by several companies to achieve success. The consumer has access to the internet and they aren’t only dependent on the brand’s advertisement for any sort of information the horizon has been expanded. And the concept of brand loyalty is not a strong as it uses to be earlier.


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