In the last few years, Social Media purpose has totally evolved. People no longer use it as a communication platform, its aspect has been widened to several aspects. And social media in digital marketing is topping the chart.

Social media has became necessity

Digital marketing’s key purpose is to connect a business to its potential customers in the most effective manner. And social media has helped a lot of businesses to achieve their objective. Therefore, social media has become one of the fastest expanding trends in history.

Moreover, social media is one of the most important tools that are used to generate leads. The social media horizon is vast as compared to any other channel, hence it helps in creating more leads.

Social Media is Important in Digital Marketing

It doesn’t matter how big or small a company is, social media is an essential part of the digital marketing strategy for all.

Investing in Social Media is Win-Win in Digital Marketing

1. Build Awareness

An individual comes across various products and services on a daily bases. Therefore a company has to make a strategy that can make them stand out among other competitors. 

If a company is not known to the audience, it won’t be able to attract potential customers. The primary objective of social media is to create brand awareness in the market. Also, it is a platform where a company can interact with a large amount of audience free of cost.   

2.  Marketing Strategies

Numerous people of different age groups are on social media. Companies can easily get to know about their interests through social media marketing. Also, it can help companies to create strategies on the basis of their research for the success of their product. 

Before creating a product or service, companies have to do proper research. Research requires an audience on which they can perform research through surveys, campaigns, etc.

Earlier, when digital marketing was not in practice companies had to use channels such as newspapers, magazines, etc, which was not cost-effective. Through social media, all this is possible in a cost and time-effective manner. 

3. Reputation Management

Social media has always been highly used as a medium of influencing. And in the upcoming times, it is going to be stronger than ever.

Companies should keep in mind that the world of social media is a better tool than any other. It can help them in improving image and brand loyalty.

Social media provides a medium to communication between brand and customer feasibly. Customers can reach out to companies for queries, suggestions, complaints, appreciation, etc.

Social media has helped to maintain reputations of several companies.

It is very important for the company to be active on social media platforms. It can help them in understanding what customers feel about their products. And to have an idea about what is going on in customers’ minds is a good thing for companies.

4.  Engaging and Retaining Relationships with the customer

Social media allows us to reach out to numerous people in less time all around the globe as compared to any other medium. Social media helps a company to build, maintain, and retain relationships with the customers.

Customer engagements can be done through sharing stories constantly on the company’s profile, coming live once in a week at least, posting content regularly such as Q&A, reviews, etc.

Customers feel valued when they get proper assistance from company.

When a company gives importance to the engagement of customers, customers feel valued and their loyalty towards that company increases. With valuable feedback, companies can create strategies that are effective in increasing their business. 

5. Affordable

Social media is the most affordable platform in the world right now for promotion purposes. It doesn’t matter how small or big a company is, how huge or less is your budget. With the good affordability of social media, your company can still use it.

Social media marketing is affordable to all size of businesses

Earlier, companies had to spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns. Still, the result that they use to achieve was not satisfying. However, with the help of social media, companies have to invest less amount of money in advertising campaigns. Also, they can get more favorable results than earlier.

Role Of Social Media In SEO

Social Media SEO means how social media activities can impact a company’s website ranking and organic traffic.

The most important question which arises is that does social media affect SEO directly or indirectly. Social media direct or indirect effects are still a subject of debate, however, it does have an effect on SEO.

6. Social Media Content.

The appropriate and constant content published on social media creates a huge difference in content marketing campaigns.

Constant and appropriate  content is key to get higher ranking.

Importantly, Social media content gets crawled by Google’s SEO, it doesn’t mean every post will be considered in SEO ranking. The content should be relevant to the keywords that have been searched by various users.

Moreover, if a company’s content gets a lot of attention on social media, it ends up getting an index at a faster rate.

7. Social Media Are Search Engine As Well.

People don’t only use Google for searching they use various social media platforms to know about a company’s product or service as well.

Therefore, it is important to optimize a company’s social media profile with relevant keywords to get more visibility.

Social media act as search engine also.

Nowadays customers pay keen interest to the fact that what sort of impact a company has on social media.

8. Profile Rank.

Social media profiles get ranked in search engine results as well, profiles are not only confined to social media. It is important to optimize social media pages as well in order to attract more organic traffic to the websites.

Rating and reviews of a company are also available in meta descriptions of social media profiles. It helps companies to get higher ranking on google.

9. More Quality Links.

Backlinks play a vital role in the website’s ranking. Quality and Quantity both have a significant impact on how well a website ranks. Channelizing time and efforts on social media help in attracting the appropriate type of backlink for better SEO.

Social media helps to gain ranking on google.

Companies can get backlinks from different websites highly engaging content in social media. It the possibility of getting more global visibility to different brands, bloggers, and customers.


Firstly, social media has become a vital part of the modern world. Also, it is the key element for digital marketing.

In other words, digital marketing can’t be successful without social media.

Secondly, presence on social media is one of the digital marketing strategies. Several companies, be it small or big companies have to swear by. Social media has developed feasible communication between a brand and a customer that was not possible anywhere else.


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