SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means improving the quality of a website through organic search results without paid placements. There are various SEO principles to increase website traffic.

SEO principle to increase website traffic.

It is one of the most effective ways of growing your website.

According to HubSpot, about 64% of the marketers actively invest time in search Engine Optimization.

There are two ways to do SEO.

  1. White-hat SEO.
  2. Black-hat SEO.

White-hat SEO is a good way of doing SEO while black-hat SEO is an unethical way of doing it.

Bad SEO method includes stuffing your page with keywords, but these won’t work now.

You should always use a white-hat method to grow your website.

The 10 basic SEO principles to increase website traffic are as follows:

  1. Keyword Optimization.
  2. Metadata.
  3. Alt image attributes.
  4. Title tags.
  5. Valuable content.
  6. Internal links.
  7. Outbound links.
  8. Better user experience.
  9. Backlinks.
  10. SEO Audit.

Let’s start discussing one by one of the 10 basic SEO principles to increase website traffic.

1. Keywords Optimization.

Keywords are a very essential method of SEO for improving a website ranking in search engines.

A website should include the keywords which users use while looking for anything on search engines.

Proper keywords in content can help you generate traffic on your website.

Keyword optimization helps in inceasing traffic and users on the website.

There are various powerful SEO tools that can help you in finding exact keywords for your content and websites such as:

  1. SEMrush.
  2. MozPro.
  3. Ahrefs.
  4. Google keyword planner.

After finding the relevant keywords, you need to optimize your website with these keywords.

2. MetaData.

Meta descriptions are the second most noticed feature of an SEO. Before visiting a website the users always look for the meta description.

It is a very important method of optimizing for a better ranking of a website.

The meta description provides the user with a short description of your website so that they can understand if the website is relevant or not to open.

Metadata is essential for a website to gain more traffic on a website.

The description below the link is called a meta description.

It encourages the user to click on the link and read out your content.

Moreover, search engines highlight the keywords in the meta description that will work as a CTA booster.

Also, Google does not like the copied meta description so one needs to write well-curated metadata that should be appealing for the users to interact with your page.

3. Alt Image Attributes.

Image alt tags play an important part in SEO. A website contains a lot of images related to the content.

People usually do not focus on image tags. Google cannot just simply understand images as image files.

Google indexing sites understand the images through image tags only so image tag is important for a website.

Alt image attributes helps in optimizing and ranking of a website hence increases the traffic.

As a result, when a user searches for an image, these tags help them find it easily.

Sometimes, the website is unable to load images, so these tags can help the users in understanding what image is trying to explain in the content.

Consecutively, image tags can help Google in reading and indexing your website easily.

4. Title Tags.

Title tags are an essential component of SEO. Whenever the users search through a keyword the first thing they see is the title of the page.

The title tag should be relevant to user queries so that they can understand it before opening the link.

You need to add keywords in your title tag to optimize the title tags.

4th SEO Principles To Increase Website Traffic

An optimized title tag can help drive more traffic to your website. The title tag should be unique and it should be less than 65 characters in length.

5. Valuable Content.

Content marketing is yet another important factor for SEO. A website should have appealing content that should target your audience.

A content should completely cover the topic and should have a proper keyword placed in the content.

To increase engagement on a website, the content should address user common questions related to the topic.

5th SEO Principles To Increase Website Traffic

According to the research, the ideal blog post length is now around 1600 words.

Google updates its algorithm from time to time. The website with high-quality content can rank on the search engine.

6. Internal links.

Links are the connection between one webpage to another. These links help in providing more information to the visitor about the topic.

Internal links help your audience to spend time on your website.

A link from one site to another works as a citation which search engines view as a sign of authority.

6th SEO Principle To Increase Website Traffic

Moreover, while link internally it is done by relevant anchor text. It helps search engines in understanding the context of the link.

7. Outbound links.

Outbound links are the external links that connect one website to another.

Moreover, internal links connect visitors from one webpage to another webpage of the same website whereas, outbound links send users to an entirely different page.

An outbound link determines the reputation of a website.

7th SEO Principles To Increase Website Traffic

The more outbound link a webpage gets the more popular website will become on the search engine.

The outbound link is important for a website because of the following reasons:

  1. Increase Relevance.
  2. Improves reputation.
  3. Boosts value.
  4. Increases popularity.

8. Better user experience.

One of the most important factors that help the ranking of a website is, “better user experience.”

Google has recently announced the latest core web vital update which focuses on the ranking of a website through better user experience.

If a user will like the content of your website then they can stay for a longer period of time.

8th SEO Principles To Increase Website Traffic

The better user experience can be achieved by:

  1. Increasing the speed of a website.
  2. Easy navigation.
  3. Better quality of the content, etc.

9. Backlinks.

Backlinks are very important for SEO. It is also called as incoming links.

In other words, backlinks are the links that a website gets from another website.

Backlinks increase the trust of a website. The other websites provide backlinks because they found something important on your website.

There are various ways in which you can get high-quality backlinks are:

  1. Publish the ultimate content.
  2. Use branded strategies and techniques.
  3. Authority resource pages, etc.

10. SEO Audit.

After implementing important points, it is necessary to perform an SEO audits.

Once in a short period of time, doing audit can help you in optimizing your website and make changes according to the latest updates by Google.

You can perform SEO audits in may ways:

  1. By optimizing your content.
  2. Improving your keyword research.
  3. By proving Alt image tags.
  4. Optimizing meta tags, etc.

Final words.

In a survey conducted by Databox, 70% of respondents said that SEO is better than PPC for generating sales.

Almost 25% of companies invest in mobile optimization as a top SEO tactic. (HubSpot, 2020)

These points show that how much SEO is important in increasing website traffic.

The above mentioned 10 basic SEO principles to increase traffic on your website are very well tested and implemented with great output.

These 10 points you can implement on your website to attract users and increase conversion rate with high lead generation. Gain traffic on your website.

Just implement these on your website and see the promising results by yourself.

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