A new year brings a lot of opportunities for each kind of person. But 2020 had some other plans for everyone. It comes up with a strange virus outbreak named “Coronavirus”. With more than 35 lakh active cases worldwide and increasing. It’s not easy to predict the future.

COVID-19 has affected businesses. Some started to work remotely, while others had to close down completely.

Data released by HubSpot shows how pandemic has affected the business.

Marketing Guide to Re-open Your Business Post COVID-19

We know you want to start your business again. We can help you in reopening your businesses after coronavirus with our small business relief program.

Before that let’s look at what you have to do by yourself.

1. Research.

Businesses have to do market research. Look out for rules set by governments.

Updated information can help you in reopening your business after coronavirus. Look for the rules set up by health organizations for safety.

Marketing Guide to Re-open Your Business Post COVID-19

2. Plan.

Planning is important when you return back to your business.

Internal, as well as the external assessment, is needed for planning, You can do it by following ways:

  1. Review your pricing.
  2. Update your process.
  3. Set your annual goals.
  4. Take inventory.
Marketing Guide to Re-open Your Business Post COVID-19

3. Business requirements.

The rule for social distancing has reduced the workforce. It will bring some hurdles for the business.

You have to look for some important points before reopening.

  1. No. of staff needed for operations.
  2. Health service.
  3. Safety concerns.
  4. Future customer needs.
  5. Business efficiency.
Marketing Guide to Re-open Your Business Post COVID-19

4. Update your website.

You need to update your website with the changes you have made in the business.

It can help update your customers.

Update your website with relevant information. Customers should not overlook safety measures.

Marketing Guide to Re-open Your Business Post COVID-19

5. Switch to digital.

Moving your business to digital form can help your business in these uncertain conditions.

Some businesses shifted to digital during the crisis. It can help you in running your business with ease.

“This is where our campaign can help you”.

We at Logic Grape care for your business. That is the reason why we come to save you.

With our digital marketing guide to re-open your business post-COVID-19, we can help you in many ways.

Digital Marketing Guide On Reopening Your Business After Coronavirus

Marketing Guide on Reopening Your Business after coronavirus

1. Posts on Social media.

According to social media statistics, close to half the world’s population is on social media.

For Reopening Your Business After Coronavirus, we can help you create social media posts. It can promote your business in reaching a larger audience.

We can promote on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

2. Update your e-mails.

E-mails can reach a larger audience. We can curate your emails to target your audience.

An E-mail will get your clients to know that you are re-opening.

3. Events on digital platforms.

People are available on social media. We can engage your audience by organizing social media events.

With our guide to re-open your business post-COVID-19, you can reach to a larger audience. It can also increase your social engagement.

4. Youtube promotion.

According to social media statistics,1.57 billion watches about 5 billion videos on average every single day.

It is a good platform to promote your business. We can help in promoting your business.

So that people can get to know about your business.

Youtube promotions can benefit a lot to small businesses after coronavirus

5. Content marketing.

Creative content is the king. Users look for content that can satisfy them.

Your social media posts, blogs each one needs creative content. So that you can stand out from the crowd.

We can make this happen. It can increase your conversion rate.

6. Feedback sessions.

Feedbacks can help your business to improve.

It can build trust among your audience. Feedbacks are essential for each type of business.

We can help you in setting up your feedback sessions on the webpage.

Marketing Guide to Re-open Your Business Post COVID-19

Feedbacks can be done through:

  1. Polls on social media.
  2. Surveys.
  3. One on one conversation.

7. Search Engine Optimization.

It is a method of getting the highest ranking on the search engine.

When you shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Your business website needs to be noticed by the user.

By registering in our relief campaign, we can provide you free services so that your website can rank on Google.

SEO can increase sales when reopening your business after coronavirus

8. Website development.

Website development is essential for any business. From a blogger to a big business house. Everyone needs a website to showcase their services.

No problem if you’re a Blogging, Hotel, Travel website. We will develop your website for free under our Covid-19 relief program.

Register at our relief campaign and take advantage.

9. Media Planning.

Media planning is a method of selecting media outlets. It includes outdoor placements, websites, newspapers, etc.

We provide media planning services. It can help you in selecting proper media for your business.

Perfect media planning can help your business in maximizing ROI.

Marketing Guide to Re-open Your Business Post COVID-19

10. Cloud and DevOps.

DevOps and clouds are a trending combination in the market.

Cloud provides a feasible infrastructure. While DevOps gives a better solution.

We at Logic Grape provides a various range of these services.

We provide services like:

  1. Cloud strategy.
  2. Configuring tools.
  3. Cloud management, etc.
Marketing Guide to Re-open Your Business Post COVID-19

Wrapping up.

We still do not know when this pandemic will be over. But know you know what you have to do as a business.

We know it is a difficult condition and understand your concern. Also, we care for your business. That is why we are offering free website development and digital strategy services to small businesses.

Along with free digital marketing services around the world.

With our digital marketing guide to re-open your business post-COVID-19. Your business can flourish if you try a new approach.

Now, it is time to connect with your customers like never before.

To register in our relief program: https://logicgrape.com/covid19/small_business_relief_program

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