A market is full of competition and you have to standout !!

A marketing proposal is a document used by marketers in order to procure clients. A marketing proposal must consist of compelling, relevant, and persuasive information, for the success of a company.

Marketing Proposal

The marketing proposal of a company must show clients how investing in a company can help them to grow their brand. It signifies a company role as a marketer by providing details such as ideas, strategy, time, the estimated cost, etc.

It is very important to channelize all effort, time, and money in order to create a convincing marketing proposal.

Now the question arises is how to achieve it ??

For understanding how to write a convincing marketing proposal, let’s go through the Dos and Don’ts for writing a convincing marketing proposal.

Dos & Don’ts For Writing A Convincing Marketing Proposal

For writing a convincing marketing proposal it is very important to know what should be implemented (Dos) and what should be avoided ( Don’ts).


Dos of Marketing Proposal

1. Client Oriented

While writing a marketing proposal keep in mind that it should be client-oriented. It is important to let the client know that you are capable of delivering what they want.

Mention successful projects in order to prove companies’ worth and to become trustworthy. Make it brief and straight forward rather than beating around the bush, it will help the client to understand the company’s goals and what benefit they will get out of it.

2. Add the cover page and an executive summary

A cover page and an executive summary are very important. Basically, these two give an idea about the whole marketing proposal.

Marketing Proposal

On cover page address the client’s name and logo, date, and your company’s logo. Make the cover page influential as per the requirement, don’t overdo it.

While adding an executive summary keep in mind that it should speak as a gist of the whole marketing proposal.

3. Follow The Consistent Structure

The consistent structure here means to follow the structure that is used by successful companies. It consists of a problem statement, proposed solution, and pricing information.

Marketing Proposal
  • Problem Statement: In this mention that you are aware of the goals which the client wants to achieve.
  • Proposed Solution: In this mention all the recommendations, ideas, and strategy, which the clients will receive if they choose your business.
  • Pricing Information: In this mention all the prices for each kind of service you will provide and justify all the pricing with a valid reason.

4. List Goals, Challenges, and Strategies.

This is one of the most important and sensitive sections of the marketing proposal. While writing pay keen attention to it.

Marketing Proposal
  • Goals: A client is looking for a company to achieve its goals. Mutually goals will be achieved, which means both the company and the client will get the benefit. Here, mention all sorts of goals primary, secondary, and mutual goals. Achieving these will be the main objective of the marketing proposal.
  • Challenges: While achieving a goal there will be different challenges one way or another. It is important to make a list of all possible challenges that might occur in order to overcome it.
  • Strategies: Make strategies that will help in achieving the goals and overcoming the challenges. Importantly, an efficient strategy goes a long way.


1. Self-centered

Marketing proposal which is self-centered is of no use. Often companies in their marketing proposal mention everything about themself. It is obvious that clients want to know about your company, but don’t overdo it. A client should not feel that you don’t give importance to their goals and objective.

2. Haphazard Structure

Structure plays a vital role in any type of content not only for marketing proposals. The haphazard structure seems unclear and clients are not able to understand what you have to offer.

Jumping from one topic to another without properly explaining, scattered questions, and the absence of main points won’t impress anybody.

3. Poor Presentation

It doesn’t matter how many things are in your mind if you won’t be able to present it properly. Poor presentation hampers the whole marketing proposal. It is very important to use clear and basic language, images, charts, etc as per the requirement.

A winning marketing proposal captures and holds a client’s attention throughout the documents and a poor presentation lacks these.

4. Irrelevant Details

Irrelevant details often create a situation of vagueness. Rather than talking about how your company will benefit the client and how to achieve the goal. Mentioning details which have no relation to the project, often leads to a situation of frustration for clients.


Firstly, for standing out in a market in full completion it is important to create a convincing marketing proposal.

Secondly, for creating a convincing marketing proposal there are a lot of points that should be considered.

Lastly, a good marketing proposal helps a business to procure a suitable client.


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