It is very important to understand that there is a difference between driving traffic to a website and increasing the conversion rate. There is no doubt that both play an important role in the digital marketing scenario.

A good conversions rate signifies successful marketing. In other words, the conversion rate is when a visitor gets converted into a customer. Conversion of a visitor into a customer can include signing up, downloading a guide, or making a purchase.

Conversion rate of a website

A website’s conversion rates determine the success of a brand. Also, it helps in determining how a brand uses its online presence in order to convert traffic into revenue.

It is very important for companies to work upon increasing their conversion rate as much as possible. They can do it easily by applying a suitable digital marketing strategy.

The most important question arises is that how to increase conversion rate? Let’s go through the ways of increasing the conversion rate of a website to make the product or service successful.

1. Add An Effective Value Proposition

Value Proposition plays an important role in increasing the conversion rate of a website.

Firstly, let’s understand what is the value proposition?

A value proposition is the value of a company promises to deliver to its customers. It is the primary reason for “Why a customer should buy from a particular company”.

Increase conversion rate

Secondly, how to make an effective value proposition?

It should be unique. That means the value proposition should reflect what is unique about the company’s products and services. It is very important for a company to communicate effectively.

2. Insert Video To Landing Page

A landing page is independent webpages, designed specifically for an advertising or marketing campaign. When a user clicks on an advertisement displayed on platforms such as Google, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube. The user gets redirected to the landing page of a website.

Inserting a video to a landing page is very beneficial. It can increase the conversion rate of a website.

There is a famous saying that ” A picture is worth a thousand words“.
Similarly, a video can be worth a thousand sales. It is a human habit that they are more likely to watch a video rather than reading.

Increase conversion rate

While making a video for the landing page, a company should think of a creative idea.

It should convey the message properly about the product or services. Also, it helps to improve the browsing experience.

3. Gain the Trust

Gaining the trust of the visitor for a product or service is crucially important in order to increase the conversion rate of a website.
Often what hampers the conversion rate of a website is that a company asks for the sale of product or service in the initial stage.

Increase conversion rates

It is genuine that the more expensive a product or service is the user will take more time to decide whether to make a purchase or not.

Therefore, companies to gain trust should provide a free trial, exchange, and return policy depending upon their niche.

Providing such things lets the visitor use the product or services without the risk of losing their money.

Customers do not like to put their money unless they are sure they are getting the desired product or services as per their expectations.

4. Insert CTAs to key pages

CTA ( Call-To-Action) is a statement that acts as virtual stimuli for visitors.
It is designed to get an immediate response from the visitor browsing the websites.

It can boost the conversion rate of a website and functions as a user guide for the website.

CTA statements: Click Here, Download Now, Add To Cart, Sign Up Now, Limited Time Offer, etc.

It is important to apply influential CTAs while designing a CTA to keep these points into consideration.

  1. Targeted CTAs: It is very important to make a CTA that is targeted towards the goal of a company. Targeted CTAs should be:
    • Compelling
    • Action-oriented
    • Create a sense urgency
  2. Visual Design
    It helps to catch the attention of the visitor on a website. Visual design should consist:
    • Proper design
    • Special effects
    • Placement of the CTA
    • Highlight the CTA

5. Insert Social Proof

Social Proof helps in increasing the conversion rate of a website. It is normal human extinct before trying any product or service. We need to get assurance that various people have used it and had a good experience.

Social proof can be a review, testimonials, and social media count, this helps in building an assurance in mind of visitors that a particular brand is known to people and has served a number of customers.

90% + customers read online testimonials and reviews while considering a purchase.
Insert social proof on the landing page( most probably a homepage) because numbers of users visit there more than any webpage of a website.

When visitors will understand that a company has provided good customer service and is known in the market. It will lead to an increase in the conversion rate of a website.

6. Don’t Ask Much

When you meet a person for the first time and that person ask a lot of personal question. How will you feel?

Of course, you would not like to share your information with someone whom you have met just once.

Similarly when someone visits a website for the first time and they are asked to fill a form that consists of various details. Visitors tend to leave that website because it is too much information.

Therefore, it is very important to ask only those details which are very important in order to communicate with the visitor.

Research has shown that less the information asked, signup for the website increased. As a result, leading to an increase in the conversion rate of a website.

7. Add A Third Party Signup Service

Third-party signup service has an important role to play in increasing the conversion rate of a website. Nowadays users like convenient services more than ever.

Third-Party Signup such a Google, Facebook, etc saves the users from the hassle of making a new profile from scratch.

Making a new account and remembering the password for each website is trouble. There is a way out of this, thanks to the third party signup !!

Implementation of third party signup on a website makes the user experience much better ad it leads to good conversion rates.

8. Use AI in Marketing

Nowadays artificial intelligence can be seen in almost all types of industries. It has a key share in increasing the conversion rate of a website.

The best example of artificial intelligence that helps is conversion rates is chatbots on a website.

Artificial intelligence is making the customer experience better. By providing efficient, user-friendly, and personalized assistance.

Efficient:  In less time it can analyze numerous data.
User Friendly: It is available 24/7  and solves queries.
Personalized: It helps to display products or services as per visitor requirements.

Most of the time visitors leave websites because of the lack of these factors.


Conversion rates play an important role in order to decide the success of a product or service. There are various ways that can help to increase the conversion rate of a website.

Companies should invest their time, money, and efforts in order to gain good conversion rates.


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